Beating the heat: Sparkling Sangria

Lindsay and I recently had the opportunity to have dinner with friends we haven’t seen in a while. On a day that reached 106 degrees and having grilled food, we instantly decided the… Continue reading

Flower Power

Lindsay and I are as red as lobsters. You? As we tote our shakers around to these different summer events, hit the Harpeth River with a canoe and other outdoor activities, we’re baking… Continue reading

Farmers Market Supper Club: Cocktails for the Soul

Ah, the irreversible price of fame. For some, the price of fame means bodily harm. One gets so popular that the only thing left is coke binges, swimming in pools of Chrystal or… Continue reading


Here at PourTaste headquarters, we’ve been concocting some great recipes in response to the summer heat, with everyone wanting refreshing and bright cocktails. We all know that the cocktail is all about balance.… Continue reading

We Want the World and We Want it Now

A quick link to our first of a quarterly cocktail column for HER Nashville. Enjoy it here

Providence, RI: Outcasts & Rumrunners

Rhode Island. Up until now I knew this only as the smallest state in the union, but, as my pint size wife can attest, the smallest things pack the largest punch. Through the… Continue reading

PourTaste launch party

There’s a point in ones childhood when you make friends with the cool guy in your grade and you know you’re good. For boys, your back is covered, your skateboard is safe, your… Continue reading

I get by with a little help from my friends

The culture centric nunnery that is HER Nashville likes cocktails. They like cocktails so much they’ve agreed to give us a quarterly cocktail/ spirits column which launches in June and in preparation for… Continue reading

Gear Diary app review

More love comes our way today from the tech blog Gear Diary. ┬áRead their review here and register this week for a free download of America’s first craft cocktail house locator!

Nashville Scene’s App Review

Our good friends at the Nashville Scene did it again. Chris Chamberlain and crew review the app, give us love and help spread the word! Read the full article Here