Jackson, MS: Let there be light

Mississippi has become a second home to me over the past few years thanks to my lovely wife, Lindsay. Not only am I embracing the deep (and new) south, the magnolia state embraces… Continue reading

Parlour & Juke

On Thursday March 15th, Lindsay and I were summoned yet again to aid in the quenching of thirst for the good of all Nashville. We had the opportunity to sling a few classics… Continue reading

The Morning After brings sweet sunshine

Last night we had an amazing opportunity to provide cocktails for an event for Morning After Ministires. MAM is a nationally recognized non profit who’s focus is on women’s issues, be it health,… Continue reading

Bites Blog from the Nashville Scene

Honored by my new friend Chris Chamberlain, I’ve been featured in the Nashville Scenes Bites blog. It’s one thing when your mom says something nice about you. When your peers and those you… Continue reading

The Neighborhood Grows

As the app is minutes, it feels like, from launching we’ve been graced by some wonderful responses from the actual bars and restaurants that were supporting. We expected from the beginning that some… Continue reading

Technological Striptease

Just a whisper of what’s to come. We love you all. Happy Valentines Day

Dark and Stormy: Reconstructed

A simple reconstruction of one of my favorites, I implemented the dark part of this storm in a different way. 2oz El Dorado 5 year 1/4oz Smith & Cross Navy Strength 3/4oz ginger… Continue reading

Oaxacan Sunrise

Inspired by the all too boring tequila sunrise, this epicurean twist hopefully elevates this drink to a new level. Try it out! Oaxacan Sunrise 2oz Del Maguey Chichicapa mezcal 1oz orange gastrique* (some… Continue reading

The Prince’s Thorn

Made for some new friends of Lindsay and I, this experiment turned staple looks suspiciously girly but has some wonderful bitter and aromatic notes. It’s gone over so well I decided to put… Continue reading

The Ballardi

Made for my good friend Mitch Ballard at WV Magic Design, this savory cocktail has won over the palate conscious and adventurous East Nashville neighborhood night after night for the past few months.… Continue reading