Denver, CO: Drinking beneath the floor boards of heaven.

As fate would have it my search for amazing cocktails in Denver, CO did not come easy.  In most cases I meet someone relatively quickly that will point me in the right direction or find bits online that put me on the right path.  This city though made me dig for it, and it was well worth my labor.  Denver has an incredible cocktail scene!  My first discovery was Boulder’s Bitter Bar at Happy Noodle House.  I was excited to learn that their cocktail classes that they offer have exploded beyond their expectations.  The masses show up and in these classes they simply educate how to build your home bar and execute some of the classics.  I only wish my fair city was as curious and as engaged.  Watch barman Mark Stoddard below.

My next discovery was the Green Russell.  Set behind the store front of Wednesday’s Pie, in which pie is truly served only on wednesdays, this speakeasy from Frank Bannano was an amazing find, as they hold true to the aesthetic and taste of the prohibition-era that has influenced a new generation of drinkers.  With barely a sign to indicate it’s presence and hardly a website to get ahold of them I admire the secrecy.  It was the same secrecy that pushed forward the art of spirits and gave us, today, a better way to drink, a most possibly a better way to live.

Lastly, but certainly not least is Argyll Gastropub.  Located at 2700 E. 3rd Ave, Argyll takes it’s food and it’s drink seriously.  In true gastro style these bites are quick, easy but well thought and well executed.  What caught my eye though?  Featured on their cocktail menu was Barrel aged cocktails for $20.  At their discretion they choose a cocktail that they’ll age in their own charred barrels, yielding a more mature flavor and extra smoothness.  Bravo, friends!  You’ve stepped it up!  Don’t worry though, the staff at Argyll is gracious enough to wait for the rest of us to catch up.