Cocktail Class @ Nashville Farmers Market

Last night, I had a dream come true. Lindsay and I taught our first, legitimate, as in people payed, cocktail class at the Nashville Farmers Market. To be clear, we train people all the time, collaborating and consulting with various local restaurants and event spaces. But last night proved to be a clear indicator that either a) we know what we’re talking about, b) we’re at least passionate enough to entertain, but probably c) we are crazy. Enough to act like the one guy in the room who did not go to college, and barely graduated high school (me), should be up front, teaching honed skills that came through rebellion and not wanting to work for anyone else. In short, it went amazingly. With Lindsay at my side, demonstrating the art of stirring and teaching women’s historical relevance to the American cocktail, we braved through the 101 of mixology, its history and its practicality for the average home. Grow Local Kitchen at the Nashville Farmers Market, provided an amazing space, in which they do other classes pertaining to local food and cooking. Laura Wilson, who heads Grow Local, provided attendees with small bar snacks for this non alcoholic, syrups, mixers and cocktail methodology class. We’re excited to call the Nashville Farmers Market partners and were equally excited about more cocktail classes and cocktail related events in the near future! We will begin to post our events here at, so keep your chili’s peeled!