We won and we didn’t even know it.








Unbeknownst to us, Nashville has been paying attention.  So much so that they created a whole category to vote on just so we could win in the annual Best of Nashville edition of the Nashville Scene.  The invite only party, with a roaring 20’s theme, was held at the Parthenon in Centennial Park.  We had been invited, and we thought it was a kind gesture for having bartended and consulted for many of their 2012 events.  As people started congratulating us, one by one,  it became apparent that our recent 1 year wedding anniversary was not the reason.  What came to light was that we had, in fact, won Best Cocktail App.  In addition to this our work was recognized at Watanabe World Cuisine for Best Original Drink.  With a glass held high we, again, say thank you to all who have helped and supported PourTaste in the past year.  We came as peers and walked out champs.  I love this town.