About Jon & Lindsay Yeager

PourTaste is the husband and wife team of Jon and Lindsay Yeager, who met in Nashville, TN. Originally from Mississippi, Lindsay moved to Nashville for family and music and in true southern charm fashion, snagged the heart of aspiring, Kansas City musician, Jon in 2008. Realizing their mutual love for food, faith and community, Jon’s classic cocktail background soon gave way to PourTaste at the same time of their wedding in 2011. Beginning with a T.V. pilot, Jon’s desire was to tie together, nationally, an ever growing craft cocktail culture which immediately gave way to their iOS app, PourTaste, America’s first craft cocktail house locator. With the marriage of Jon’s dream and Lindsay’s talent for creating forward thinking flavor profiles along with administrative know-how, PourTaste quickly flourished into what it is today. In addition to contributing writing spots, staff training, cocktail classes and bartending services, Jon and Lindsay host cocktail related events while consulting for restaurants, bars and hotels for their beverage programs. The Yeagers are excited to call PourTaste their full time livelihood and invite you to join them in discovering what to drink and where to drink it!