As Lindsay and I shake, stir, travel, write and continue to sip our way through newlywed-ism we realize more and more we are in the people business, and, our hearts are always being knocked on by grander things. We choose a life of intentional relationships supported by love, respect and patience with those we meet and have the opportunity to work alongside. We believe everyone has value and has purpose. We believe in a holistic lifestyle in which something as simple as cocktails can be truly enjoyed when one has found health of spirit and mindset. Our medium is usually the crutch for most people, it definitely was for us at one point. We are determined though, in the midst of having a ton of fun, to encourage people towards that grace and love in which we have received. We love community. If you don’t have one, join ours! Or, start your own and invite us. Well come! We love story. We have ours, in it’s highs and lows, and we’d love to be a part of yours, for the positive. We are people of faith who, by the blinding light, follow this guy….


“I figured this Pinot Grigio would pair well with the…..yes mom, it’s organic”