Bearings: Issue No 15

Quickly, my good friends at Bearings: Southern Lifestyle Guide for Men were gracious enough to include me in their latest issue, with a quick discussion on the history and concept of southern fruit… Continue reading

Honolulu, HI: Pipelines and Pisco Sours. Who Knew!?

Honolulu Hawaii has it good, real good.  While the rest of us this summer have had record heat in most of the continental United States, our brothers and sisters of the pacific have… Continue reading

Cocktails and Creations: Watanabe Asian Cuisine

Man alive, I’ve been slammed and it’s good to be back!!  I’ve been developing the menus for a few places in town with more waiting which has pulled me away from discovering all… Continue reading

Seattle, WA: Kid in a Candy Store

For years I’ve been saying that Seattle Washington has been my favorite city in the U.S.  Having been through there a few times on tour there was just something that I identified with.… Continue reading

Fayetteville AR: History in the Making

Fayetteville Arkansas is the home of some pretty big stuff.  This surprisingly thriving city is the home to The University of Arkansas, its Razorback Stadium and is the first home of former president… Continue reading

Finally, the T.V. pilot is finished. Enjoy!

Dallas, TX: Big. Hot. Delicious.

As I have friends coming into Nashville from L.A. I was asked where the good cocktail spots are along the way.  I had recently covered a few spots in Phoenix and I now… Continue reading

Elixer Royale

1oz pomegranate/ black peppercorn syrup 3/4oz Bitter Truth Elixer (amaro like apertif) 1/4oz simple syrup shake and strain, top with prosecco and lemon zest

Kansas City, MO: A true diamond gives many colors.

Diamonds. It’s been on lindsay and I’s mind lately as we had shopped around to find the perfect engagement ring. Now in the glow of something that took me months to save for,… Continue reading

Pittsburgh, PA: Gold Metal

While Pittsburgh, PA has it’s roots in blue collar society, this town has caught up to the times over the past 25 years, being a leader in tech savvy businesses.  This should be… Continue reading