Columbus, OH: A new jewel in my crown

I can honestly say I’ve never thought about going to Columbus, OH.  With no preconceptions Columbus has been one of those cities, to me, that just hover somewhere in the middle of cool,… Continue reading

Goldfinger Punch

While helping Zumi Japanese Kitchen in Nashville, TN, I’ve been implementing daily punches for this student heavy neighborhood hang.  It’s quick and a lot of fun for those who are just coming into… Continue reading

Portland, OR: Sweet Mary, mother of Christ….

As we all know, Portland, OR is legit, and in many areas.  Lying in my favorite area of the United States, the pacific northwest has a wonderful combination of art, music, food and… Continue reading

Nashville, TN: All roads lead to home, or at least your backyard.

As I research and travel a bit to see what others are doing, for the T.V. show and book, I’m amazed.  Not only are cocktails getting better and being taken more seriously but… Continue reading

Denver, CO: Drinking beneath the floor boards of heaven.

As fate would have it my search for amazing cocktails in Denver, CO did not come easy.  In most cases I meet someone relatively quickly that will point me in the right direction… Continue reading

Phoenix AZ: The Oasis in the Sand

While gearing up for summer, a few things come to mind.  First are memories.  I have a lot of memories of myself as a younger chap doing summer rock and roll tours, sweating… Continue reading

Charleston South Carolina: Always Looking Ahead

Where to start on this one is hard.  Charleston S.C., a city with so much history, is one many look toward for architecture, shopping, beaches, ghost tours and all things “southern”.  What some… Continue reading

All that and a bottle of rum!

As time changes so does my curiosity and my palate.  Up front I’ve never been a huge rum fan.  Like most I’ve had the bad experiences with the low grade brands (which shall… Continue reading

Austin, TX: Life Outside SXSW.

So, it’s the time of year that all my friends come back with their SXSW stories.  For those not in the know South by Southwest (SXSW) is a yearly music, film and media… Continue reading

Northern Spirits: Minneapolis, MN

I’m being asked by friends and all the curious where the good places are in certain cities.  Some cities are getting all the hype with cocktail forward bars that have been around for… Continue reading